First randomual RAT congress

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Dear RAT members and supporters, welcome to the first randomual RAT congress

I’d like to start off by saying that it’s a great honour to be your captain. Before accepting my new position, I explained to our now retired captain – for whom we by the way arranged a gift basket, you may sign the card after the voting – that my style of leading involves creating a more flat organisation, which means that all members should and will have a say in how the RAT is governed. I have a few ideas which I’d like your opinions on, but I’ll get to that in a bit. The next CvC battle will be held on May the 17th. No opponent has been found yet, but that won’t be an issue. The extra week will give us time to practise and to organise try-outs. Right! it’s time to vote. RAT member or not, you may cast your vote.

Uniform poll

We don’t have an official uniform yet. Most of the suggestions were military themed and the uniform we wore in our first CvC battle was all black. I think both of them look very professional, so either of them will do.

I have another idea for our uniform, different coloured berets to distinguish between the different divisions e.g. red berets for the fire squad and black berets for the sniper cell.

Organisation poll

This might not be relevant at the moment, as we are just a small (but Spartanic) taskforce, but it won’t hurt to ask you now. Experience has taught me that moving up is a great motivator, so should we implement a military rank system?

Practise and competition poll

Practise makes perfect, but special training might come in handy, so maybe we should create custom training TDMs for special training, like close-quarters-combat and sniping TDMs. If yes, the creation of division specific training TDMs will be the responsibility of the specific division. Non division specific TDMs will be created by an experienced appointed creator.

Captures are very similar to TDMs and perhaps even more competitive. Should the RAT hold CvC captures?

Alright that’s the voting for now

Please leave any suggestions and/or comments in the comment box below or message me on the SC. Before you leave and sign the card, there’s a few other things:

  • Our beloved Combatguppy is polling whether or not there is sufficient interest on the xbox side to join the RATs
  • To the owner of the chrome adder with the dollar rims, your lights are still on. I probably should’ve mentioned that before we began…
  • We’ll be holding try-outs throughout the week, be sure to accept the invite if you think you can handle a gun. RATs may join in to show the hopefuls what a RAT member is supposed to be capable of.

That’ll be all for now. Thank you for voting.

– The Captain

2 thoughts on “First randomual RAT congress

  1. “Should we use different coloured berets to distinguish between the different divisions?”
    I think there should be a ceremonial dress which the RAT members are free to use at their discretion and at important events, I think we could have a different colour beret for the Special Op’s (red), Troopers (black), Commandos (blue)

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