Moan, moan, moan with Muhmuhhuh #3

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Hello again everybody. I trust you are well?

I am afraid work is quite busy right now as everybody is coming into Fleeca Bank these days applying for loans for the High Life update therefore my moan this week will be rather quick and to the point. 

So on the way to work this morning I jumped into my rather fetching Cogniscenti Cabrio, let the roof down and turned the radio on to play some tunes. And what was bashing my delicate, perfectly formed ears?



Now the first thing that crossed my mind is who in the blue hell keeps changing my station to Flylo FM?? I am a The Low Down 91.1 type of girl usually but I can rock out with the best of them listening to Los Santos Rock Radio but this radio station DOES MY HEAD IN!

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m all for peoples personal tastes, even though it happens to be that everybody else is wrong and only my musical taste is great. but I digress,  I don’t like Pop music or Rap music (The devils music as me and the girls at the neighbourhood watch call it) but I can understand their appeal and could see myself dancing around my handbag to such stuff if push came to shove in Bahama Mama’s. But the stuff on Flylo FM is just absolute garbage! And to make it worse it seems to default on every single car radio I have! Its like the mechanic all over again with Channel X. And we all know what happened to him don’t we? If you dont then go and ask him. He can usually be found in the unemployment line at the job centre.

I mean seriously, what is this hot mess of a track?

It’s just noise! And it really puts me off my driving! No wonder “She Died There” she probably shot herself (for a $500 fee of course…) instead of listen to this pap!

And then you have this “tune”

I am not being funny but me and Gaga made a racket like this a few nights ago whilst trying to cook some supper whilst drunk. Awful stuff, I worry about the future if the children are listening to this stuff.

And don’t get me started on the the comments on this station where they call their listeners, and I quote “bitch ass…” oh i cant even bring myself to say the words. Well rest assured at our next neighbourhood watch meeting I shall be making sure that Flylo FM will be on the agenda and we shall get it taken off the air for the good of the future of Los Santos.

Whilst I am moaning about music on the radio, is it just me or does Soulwax FM and VBR only seem to have one song each that plays for like 40 minutes?

Anyway I am off to my meeting. And to apologize for polluting your ears with such horrendous music I will leave you on this tune that is really what the people of Los Santos should be listening to so we can all lead a better more productive life.

Ahhhh lovely…..

*By the way you can borrow $1,000,000 at an interest rate of 2467% repayable in 2000 handy monthly repayments.


2 thoughts on “Moan, moan, moan with Muhmuhhuh #3

  1. As usual Molly I find it hard to disagree with your words of wisdom and agree totally that Flylo FM is a complete waste of air space that could be utilized for airing minutes of WI meetings. I do have to say that there is one tune I enjoy on their playlist though and that is Windowlicker by my old friend The Aphex Twin aka Richard James. He like myself is a proud owner of a tank which he uses for keeping the peace around the Bristol Channel.

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