Calling all musically inclined Rioters…


This is a call…

As you may or may not have noticed by now, ‘The Riot’ is full of incredibly talented, creative types. We’ve got website designers, digital artists, film makers, cinematographers and all sorts of folk in between. We’re also very lucky in the respect that they are using those skills to benefit our crazy crew.

One particularly exciting project that is now up and running is Pussi Riot Productions, which is going to produce all of our official visual delights. They’ve been hard at work arranging, shooting and editing a number of themed pieces which will be coming to light very soon. However, the birth of this badass film making division of our crew has also highlighted another exciting avenue we’ve not yet tapped in to. Music!

GarbageWhat we’re looking at doing is scoring at least some of our PRP videos and productions with crew created music! We are currently blessed to have over three hundred members and I’m sure that among that number are people involved in writing, playing and recording music. What we’d like to do is tap in to that and add another string to the crews creative bow.

djcolleenshannonHow can I get involved I hear you ask? It doesn’t matter what genre you are involved in. Dance, rock, pop, reggae, jazz, punk, ska, bluegrass… literally all styles will be considered for this project. This could be a great opportunity to get your music heard by a wider audience as the PRP videos will be hosted here on the blog, our forthcoming YouTube channel and a number of other outlets.


I think it  would be amazing for us as a crew to not only be producing written articles but also artwork, videos and music all in house. What a melting pot of creativity that would be and all here under one fabulous, in your face umbrella.

If you want to get involved simply leave a message at the bottom of the article, preferably with a link to your music and we’ll go from there.



4 thoughts on “Calling all musically inclined Rioters…

    • That right there is awesome. Loved it and EXACTLY what Scuba and I were looking for the other day. Gonna message them now and they are gonna freak oit 😉

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