The Pussi Riot Snapmatic Contest

Hey Rioters,

a few days ago an idea rushed into my head… a Pussi Riot Snapmatic Contest, where you can vote for the central theme.


So my question: Would you like to take part at the Contest?


If we do this I will suggest 5 central themes, some would be alone realizable and for others you will need the help from your crewmates. I already have some ideas for the theme, but it would be great to hear some ideas from ya all.

As a prize you get the glory and a place in the Hall of Fame. I wished i could give a litte prize money too but unfortunately Rockstar has deactivated the feature which enabled to give money to others. But may we can use that in the future.

The rules are simple. After we have chosen a theme you get one week to make your pix, tag them with #PRSnapmatic. Another week for the rating. Winner is the pic with the most Likes.


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