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Its time to be awesome in a fore-some.

Sometimes these things really do write themselves…

As promised earlier last month the Pussi Riot Golfing Association is proud to announce its first annual event, The Riot Match Play Championship. 

This promises to be a glittering occasion where the greatest female golfers in Los Santos will congregate into teams of 2 to find out just who is the best golfing tandem within our fine crew.

The rules are simple:

*There will be 16 teams entering the competition, this means 32 golfers so grab yourself a partner ASAP.

*The competition will be played under sudden death rules. Your team only has one opportunity to progress so make your chance count.

*Matches will be drawn at random once all teams are confirmed and placed in brackets so you can track the progress of your team as well as others.

*Matches will be played over 9 holes. After the nine holes are played a designated player must submit the match “scorecard” to the PRGA Official ( so all results can be tracked and added to the brackets. Teams scores will be added up and the lowest score will be the winner.

*In the event of a tie a further 4 holes must be played to determine a winner. If after 4 holes the result is still a  tie we will enter sudden death mode where the first team to drop a shot (after all 4 golfers have played the hole) will be eliminated.   The winners will advance to the next round. 


Seems simple enough right? Well it is! But I am sure you will have some questions that i will cover here:

Q. What happens if somebody loses connection mid round?

A. This is still to be determined. But I will think of a fair and reasonable way to handle this. 

Q. The golf club looks very elite. Would a scruffy criminal like me be allowed in? Is there a dress code

A. Yes and yes! The Los Santos Golf Club operates a come one come all policy. However we are not a bunch of thugs, we do expect a certain amount of decorum from our guests. Suitable golfing apparel is expected from everybody competing. Please bare in mind that if you enter in heels/boots etc they will be removed on arrival and you will be forced to wear a standard drab pair of golf shoes which just look silly. So prepare ahead and make sure you take a group photograph outside the clubhouse so we can report the event on the blog!

Q. Im not very good at golf. Should I enter?

A. Of course! No matter how bad you think you are I can guarantee there will be someone worse than you! Pussi Riot is all about fun right? Some of you may have previously untapped hidden talents. 

Q. I live in a stupid place which means my time zone will be hard to match up with other people. What should I do other than moving to a less stupid location?

A. We should be OK. Ideally we want to get the competition done and dusted as soon as possible but with the format being the way it is the competition can continue whilst you try and arrange your match. Pussi Riot always finds a way. 

Q. What is golf? I dont know the rules.

A. PM me and I will help you out on the finer nuances of the game if you need me to. 

Q. Im busy playing rooftop rumble over and over again. Whats in it for me?

A. Prestige and fun! And a place in the Pussi Riot hall of fame. What more could you want? 

Q. OK all that makes sense! What do I do next??

A. Im glad you asked! (yes I realise I’m talking to myself now….) The most important thing you need to do now is FIND A PARTNER! Sort that out between yourselves and either use the form below to contact me and let me know your team or PM me on social club/PSN etc. Whatever works for you. If you are the shy type and want to play but cant think of a partner just put your name in the hat and if there are others that want to play but are the anti social type I will play matchmaker for you and put you together if need be. I am nice like that!

If all goes according to plan I am looking at Friday 16th of May to start playing this event. 


And finally this could be you….



golf field



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