RAT News – May poll results and more

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The poll results are in. Together we’ve made some important decisions for the RAT and I’d say we’re on our way to become a fine well organized TDM squad.


Uniform Poll Results

Most of you voted in favour of an all black uniform with berets to distinguish between different divisions. Our official uniform is:

  • Black cargo pants
  • Deluxe Midnight Combat (under high heel boots)
  • Black Hoodie
  • Standard Armour (under body armor in your inventory section)
  • Beret
  • (Aviator sunglasses optional)

The official beret colours are:

  • Fire Team – Cherry
  • Strike Section – Blue
  • Snipers & Stealth Experts – Black

Organization Poll

Although a slight majority voted yes, I won’t implement a military hierarchy just yet. It was still just an idea and I think we should vote on it again as soon as I work out the details.

Practice and Competition Poll

It’s almost unanimously decided to create custom deathmatches for special training and to organize CvC captures. Anyone who knows their way with the creator and wants to create some training DM’s, please report to the captain and you’ll get your first assignment. News on CvC captures will follow soon.

One last thing

Here’s something we’re not going to vote on, as I’m sure most of you will like the idea. Starting today, we’ll be holding monthly deathmatch creator competitions, where you can submit your own deatchmatch and vote on who’s is the best. The rules are as follows:

  • Send a link to your submission to the captain.
  • You may only submit one deatchmatch.
  • You can’t vote on your own deatchmatch.
  • The winner is picked on the 11th day of the month.
  • Polls open a week before the winner is picked, which mean no more deatchmatches can be submitted.

Alright, that’s all folks.


2 thoughts on “RAT News – May poll results and more

  1. you need to be careful of selecting high heel’s as footwear. They make extra sound when running around. Choose a sports shoe instead there are some nice black running shoes I think….

  2. i wish R* will add the military wear like MW or Army wearing + army boots + army helmets + gloves… But i think i can only dream about it xD

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