VOTING: Snapmatic Contest Theme

Hey Rioters,

it´s time to…

vote girl

Which theme do you want for our first Pussi Riot Snapmatic Contest? Here my five suggestions:

–> Nature
This one will be realizble alone. You can make the pic in the story mode or online.
Show us the amazing nature of Los Santos!

–> Portrait of (a) Crewmember/s
Catch one ore more Rioters and make a portrait of them. You can get inspiration from this site:ät#Idealportr.C3.A4t

–> Hobby Activities
What does a Rioter do in his free time? Golf? Baseball? Or do they spend all their time in the strip club?

–> Funny Pics
No matter how, bring a smile on our faces with your pic!

–> Homage
Make a homage for example to your favorite movie, series, musik clip or celebrity.


The vote ends this Sunday night and on Monday the 19th May the contest starts. You get one week to make your pics. Don´t forget to tag your pictures with #PRSnapmatic. For any question feel free to contact me.


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