May Crew Party – How is it going to work?


May’s crew get together on PS3 is getting ever closer and we’ve got some exciting news for y’all…

Last month we trialled a new way of running our crew party. For those of you who couldn’t make it, missed out or were just plain confused, here is a recap of how the last party was set up. Backof ran a closed, crew only ‘entrance lobby’. From there they invited crew members in until the session was full. Once it was full, they designated a rep to begin running the playlists that had been voted for, and invite everyone from the session in to it. This group would then be that particular reps group of players to take care of for the night. Back in the entrance lobby, Backof would then begin to fill it again and repeat the process this time using a different rep.

In the days that followed, we listened to our reps feedback and polled the crew on how they thought it went. Overall the feeling was it had potential but needed refining. The feedback also highlighted a few problems/areas for improvement.

Firstly there were no pre-arranged reps allocated ahead of the event. So when Backof asked a rep to start a playlist/sandpit and invite everyone into the session, not everyone was accepting as it wasn’t clear that it was related to the party and in some cases they didn’t recognise the name of the rep.

Secondly once playlists/sandpits had finished, we were dropping in to free roam lobbies filled with non-rioters. This made it hard to run manhunts or impromptu races and became unmanageable.


So what we’re doing this time is allocating three reps that are going to run the party groups well ahead of the events so that y’all know who your host is on the night. Your part hosts for this month are…

Samantha Vercetti (Egimage)


DjangoDango (Gagagolightly)

Upon entering the entrance lobby on the night, you will be told which of those three will be your particular host. When they invite you in to the first playlist you should accept and then stick with them for the rest of the night. They will be using ‘invite all from previous session’ option every time they launch a new playlist and so in theory you should never end up anywhere other than in a lobby with the group and rep you started with.


To aid the smooth running of the party, we will have two other designated party reps using a mic. Their initial roll will be to help organise the groups as they enter the entrance lobby by letting you know which host rep will be yours for the night. Once the three main party reps have filled theirgroups and begun their respective group parties, the two mic’d reps will then become hosts themselves and invite their own groups off. Those mic’d reps are…

Scuba.C.Vercetti (iwancont)

Krisxo (Kristaytay)

We’re looking for one or two more rioters with mic’s to help, so if you have one and would like to help out, leave a message at the bottom of this post or PM me on R* Social.

Anywho, where was I? Oh yes…mic’d reps! Please listen to what they are saying in the entrance lobby and do accordingly. We really want this party to be a success and organising/keeping groups together with their allocated reps is the best way we can ensure a maximum number of rioters can experience it.


If this scenario works out then a party host could take away up to seven rioters each, which potentially means we could entertain maybe twenty four rioters at onceover with the three party hosts! Add to that Scuba and Kris, and you are looking at forty rioters which is more than we’ve ever done before. if the demand is still there, then myself and Backof will be able to host our own groups once the dirty work in the entrance lobby is done  and thus take the total up to fifty six rioters all getting the party experience. POW! Beats the snot out of sixteen, right?

Now we just need to decide what playlists we’re gonna have on the night. I can smell a poll coming on…

Anyways, I hope that was pretty straightforward to understand? If you have any questions about it, ideas to help it run extra smoothly or you want to help out on the night with your mic, please leave a message below or PM me.

Yours always and forever


a.k.a ‘The Commish’



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