Enter GAGA

But golightly on her

Hola gals. My name is Gaga Alejandra Rodriguez. I was born Guadalajara Mexico in 1990. I’m Big Lady Gaga fan so I love my name that my madre choose. I moved to L.S in 1999 with my papá after my Madre passed away. We wanted to.. How you say.. Start a fresh, so me and papá bought a house in desert of grand señora. Started Latino bullfighting business with one of my papás old amigos, Which was fun at the time, but I wanted so much more.

This is the only photo I have of my  papá

This is the only photo I have of my papá


I was trained by my papá how to fire gun and went to shooting range every day. He said that one day I may need these skills to defend myself. Thinking back to when I lived in Mexico I never found out what happened to my madre. I suppose I was too young and my Papá never spoke of her much. Anyway, at 20 I moved from the desert to L.S City. Got an apartment and a job as a Go-Go dancer. Didn’t like the job much but it was money which I needed. I also met a good friend in Roxana a.k.a Douzcent who helped me out at the job.

Me at work

Me at work

I still went to shooting range twice a week and also to the beach. I started getting tattoos and lots of them. I always loved the beauty of body art. Time came when I needed to do something with my life so I joined up with the LS police department. Loved the job and the pay was good. I was thinking of my Papá and how proud he would be of me.

One year had passed and I was thinking about going back to see him so I took time off and got a flight to the desert. When I got there my home was burned to the ground and no signs of my father. so I went to bullfighting arena which was also burned to the ground. I found out from my papás amigo that he had been killed by the cartel. They torched the place to the ground and took all his money. Had the cartel been involved in my mamás killing too all them years ago?



What remains of my home

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, well my dish will be freezing Fucking liquid nitrogen when I’m done with them.

I quit the police and started looking into all clues to what had happened to my family. I needed help from somewhere but where? So I looked up a local crew named Pussi Riot so I could have friends to help me find my Papás killer.

They accepted me with open arms.

Since then I got my face Tattooed and my skills at firearms have improved. Every day I get stronger myself and with my crew. The day will come when I come face to face with my enemy.

yo rezo para ese día.

I pray for that day.

















  • Name: GAGA Alejandra Rodriguez
  • Date of birth: June 29th 1990
  • Place of birth: Guadalajara Mexico
  • Relationship status: Married to my guns…. and my vengeance.
  • Sex: only when I finish a dance
  • Interested in: Tacos, fajitas, jalapeños, Guns, mexican wrestling, motorbikes, Django unchained which is where my SC name is from. Trance, lady gaga and EastLos FM music. partying in Cancun and the Titty Twister. playing the guitar El Mariachi style and Guitar cases full of guns really turns me on 😉
  • Religious views: I wear a cross if that’s any help.
  • Political views: ninguna en absoluto
  • About: Shooting bad white and red dots,winning deathmatches and riding my GAGAXXX plated Bati motorbike. helping crew members in need of help and blowing shit up Latino style.
  • And finally: PUSSI RIOT RULZ 🙂
  • My GMT is +1 BST. My week times play is 2-4 hours and Friday Saturday time is 4-5 hours average. If me and Douzcent are drunk it could be longer play time 😉









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