The May 17th RATS vs RATS TDM Extravaganza

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Due to other crews of similar skill not responding, we’ll be brawling amongst ourselves tonight.

I searched high and low, but sadly I couldn’t find an equally skilled opponent. There were plenty of crews who wanted to battle us, but they all had absolutely mad stats, like 1200+ TDM wins and 120 TDM losses, or only did so called ‘run ‘n guns’.

Women pistol Dueling

So for now we’ll have to fight ourselves. Here’s the deets:

  • A playlist consisting of your favourite TDMs and captures will be created to play on.
  • Set The Riot Alpha Taskforce as your main crew.
  • At 10pm GMT+1 you’ll be invited into a private lobby, from where we’ll start the playlist.
  • Uniform is optional. Wearing it may cause confusion.
  • Guns are set to owned.
  • Set ‘friend attack priority’ to ‘normal’, otherwise you can’t auto-aim.
  • The main objective is to have fun.

If you have any further questions, contact Captain Grody.

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