The Pussi Riot Matchplay Championship Itinerary

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With the Pussi Riot Matchplay Championship almost here I thought it may be an idea to give you all the proposed plan for how the tournament/event will work.

All times are GMT. If you dont know what GMT is here is a nice simple clock for you to know what time it is….


22/05/2014 Team submission deadline. If we dont have all 32 slots filled we cant play.


12:00 The brackets will be finalized for the tournament and posted on the blog.

21:30 I will open up an invite only session for some golf based activities. I have created a playlist of races, captures, TDMs etc based around the golf course. Im sure some others have made similar creations so will add them into the playlist ASAP.

Once a bracket of four players is online I will ask them to start their game. Anyone without a complete foursome can carry on playing the golf based playlists.

Please note that as we are a global crew and some of us even have a social life its not beyond the realms of possibility that a foursome will not be complete during the evening. Thats OK. There is no major deadline for when games are to be completed. Merely the competition starts on the 23rd. You can complete your match whenever is possible (within reason of course, dont forget others will be waiting on the result)

It would be nice if you all wear golf based gear as I would like to take a bunch of photos of us all dressed up outside the golf course etc.


*There will be 16 teams entering the competition, this means 32 golfers so grab yourself a partner ASAP.

*The competition will be played under sudden death rules. Your team only has one opportunity to progress so make your chance count.

*Matches will be drawn at random once all teams are confirmed and placed in brackets so you can track the progress of your team as well as others.

*Matches will be played over 9 holes. After the nine holes are played a designated player must submit the match “scorecard” to the PRGA Official ( so all results can be tracked and added to the brackets. Teams scores will be added up and the lowest score will be the winner.

*In the event of a tie a further 4 holes must be played to determine a winner. If after 4 holes the result is still a  tie we will enter sudden death mode where the first team to drop a shot (after all 4 golfers have played the hole) will be eliminated.   The winners will advance to the next round. 

Once a game is completed one of your party needs to fill out this form:

So you would have for example…

Team one names

Bondarus & Hurri

Team one scores (+/-)

-3, +2

Team two names (+/-)

Scuba & Randy

-1, -1

Scuba and Randy win as they scored -2, Blondie and Hurri had -1.

It would be nice if this could all be done in one night but it wont be lets face it. So it will be an ongoing competition until we find our winners.

Thus far the entries are as follows:


golf field4

I really do hope all that makes sense? Basically just show up on Friday at 21:30 GMT! Ill do the rest.


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