Who iz IzBiz-E_Gangsta ?

Who is she? That fact is Iz Biz-E is not a person but a symbol an image that leads others to believe in a dream, or nightmare. Biz-E is not here to judge but to convey the image that without light there is dark, that if you have a will there is way.

Both born in Liberty City sister Amber and older sister Rose observed their lucrative Uncle 8 Ball construct a explosive out of C-4.Stating ” this shit is gonna be the bomb..”

Little did he know his nieces were watching intensely.

Later on as crime grew the two sisters found themselves at their uncles shop constantly. Learning the mechanics of what it takes to become a “demolition” expert. From their uncle they learned of the crippling land mine, the devastating pipe bomb, and the two in one “boom shine”.

As the two grew up and interest of crime grew they decided they needed names or a name for themselves. “A name that can be carried on by our children”is what Rose proposed.


After weeks of fighting the two decided one name Iz Biz-E Gangsta. And that no one will truly know who they were. That if you request the service of the one called Biz-E consider it a job well done. With precision.

From this decision they also decided new name, new city, new suckers. And the chating between Lamar and Amber began.

After touching down in Los Santos, several weeks after turning down Lamar. Amber sends for her sister and joins a sisterhood. And now begin the legacy of IBG.


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