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Welcome I’m Eltax. My name is taken from speakers and yes i’m a hi fi geek.I’m English with a mix of  Irish and Spanish blood.

Lets start with something very random. Music, bass, beats & lyrics.

The Hacienda had it all.It was both my escapism and an Oasis. I danced the Madchester scene in a Blur at the weekends. Before i knew it. I was back in work, no more Happy MondaysI grew as a person, became poetical with a pen so began to write books under different names maybe you have read them??

Train Spotting by Anna Rack……We love Tesco by Carrie.R. Baggs…Tickle My Humour by Joe.King….Are You There Yet?? by Wayne.King (read the authors names slowly…i know step away from the keyboard!!)

The sales funded my travels to Vice City, Liberty CitySan Andreas and final destination Los Santos.

So why did Los Santos appeal to me…well because GTA had me gripped..where it went I followed. The map was filled with everything to discover and I grew a perversion to test the cops patience in many ways… car jacking being a fav pastime, ..well one day my wall glitching skills failed me to evade many a 5 star wanted level plus I needed the loo and so I faced a long stretch in Bolingbroke Penitentiary


I planned my escape in a most in- genius way.. by acting on words

I rubbed my hands until they were sore(saw),took the saw and cut the table in half,two halves make a whole(hole),i took the hole,placed it in the wall and jumped through.

I now live as a fugitive ,and although i have 2 properties I have to lay low and out of sight. Maybe we have met ? Most days I can be found in survivals/missions/death matches/playlists, and races but shhhhhhh don’t tell the cops of my where abouts. My game play online is not of the killing type,i prefer to take players hostage and take them into the hills to play with! I’m probably too laid back to get a high psychotic trait for now…however pour the wine and hey ho lets go… its all fun in Los Santos and Blaine County.

  • Name: Julie
  • D.O.B :I’m a fossil
  • Place Of Birth:Earth
  • R/Ship Status:In recovery
  • Sex: Hell yeah
  • Interests :cars,motorbikes,Boats,pisswasser,weapons,character actions
  • Religious Views: I pray for my sanity
  • Political Views :Vote Greenpeace and get a free Glastonbury ticket
  • Time Zone: BST/GMT+1..weekdays 7pm-10pm..weekends:4/5hrs

2 thoughts on “Eltax00

  1. I used to be a regular in the Hacienda myself. Absolutely the best club ever. I saw the Roses in Ally Pally, the Mondays, Inspirals you name it I was there. Absolute halcyon days. So I guess we’re around the same age whadya reckon? 😛

  2. The Hac days..very memorable..!!!!.I also went to The Venue (and 5th Avenue,this is where i became an indie chick) Yes i’m guessing we are the same age too.I don’t blow my birthday candles out anymore i have to use a fire extinguisher ha ha.

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