PS3 – May crew party – poll time baby

Can you feel it?

Can you feel it?

Can you feel it…

By now all you 24 hour party people will hopefully have had a chance to have read my last article on how the party will work? If not you can view it here (click)

Please make sure you have read it and understood it m’kaaaaay?

0_0 (3)-sg

This past month in our crew we’ve kinda been focusing on the amazingly diverse creative tendencies this crew has. We’ve got Pussi Riot Productions arranging, shooting and editing themed videos for us. We’ve got artists like Alleks turning out awesome artwork of our crew members. It also turns out we have some shit hot musicians in out crew in Mokoba who has generously agreed to let us use their music to score some our vids.

It’s crazy and it’s inspiring, so this month the theme of the party is about celebrating the crew creations.


What we’re going to do is run the following playlists as the main attractions at beginning of each hour. These playlists were put together by Binchenchaos and were selected from the best crew creations put forward to them by our resident job creators.

Because certain jobs within the playlists can only take up to eight players, for this event the groups will be made up of  a maximum of eight rioters including their host rep for the night.

Pussi Riot Own Creations #1

Pussi Riot Own Creations #2

Pussi Riot Own Creations #3

Pussi Riot Own Creations #4 



On top of these I’d like you gals to vote on the other playlists that are used between the main ones.  Please pick four from the list below.

The results of the polling will be published on this very blog ahead of the party. So what are you waiting for? get voting!


a.k.a ‘The Commish’


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