Pussi Riot Golf Matchplay Championship update

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It seems that our plans to exorcise the Los Santos Golf Club of evil demons was a bigger job than anybody first envisioned. Therefore I am sad to report that the Matchplay Championship will be getting put back again.

Realistically we still dont quite have enough players. We need ten more competitors (5 more teams) to join us so we shall start the tournament once that happens.

I know these players are out there so please spread the word. If you see somebody who isnt usually a major blog reader or social club poster invite them to a game of golf and try and get them on board from there. Its a good way to chat too away from the hustle and bustle of free roam.

We are very very close to making this event happen so one final push please!

Oh also other the past few weeks when asking about getting players to join is I came to the realisation that I am infact turning into a golfing version of Roman Bellic from GTA 4!



golf field3



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