Crew who have failed there 8th strike, 2 more chances remain

The list is actually a bit shorter, 3 of the crew that were on their 7th strike did pass this this time, well done to clara2156 and the 2 others. 3 crew actually left under their own steam. Its safe to say they will not be missed as they never once played with us anyways…

Here is the list of crew that have only 2 strikes left to ship up or ship out…

BeautyJohannah, eleganzaf, fozziekayla, golozaa69, goofyphineasandf, inid800, jennyozo, Joyce28, Judyzx, kayla_lamatadora, kencans, KiNG_SaLaZaR1, Krisy-Lady,KruciaL25, Kryptonite07, labelladon, laiimis, leahgboro, lTrvthl, maria_dopexxxx3, MariaV916, MistaPimp, mit636, MogTheMoogle, Motakck, mudzy94, Necra13, nette01, nocturnized, nubianBQU, OW3SLA, pinkgrlx, pooshan123, prissi_kiss_meee, RanQue, RNDMPINKIEPIE64, Sir_Legendhead, Slave_Girl_87, Thimo.Friend, tjl989, TrevorB49, Twilight123, wholedistance, xMobiuSv2, Xtina93


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