Parachuting… does anyone play it?

Yo peeps. Been a while since I last posted anything of any note so I thought I would put a post together on an element of GTA most players overlook or fail to take any pleasure from.

I know Sami and myself enjoy this activity (we have even set up a little playlist to keep ourselves out of trouble) But I do hear virtual groans from the rest of you when I suggest it. (Also it has consistently finished bottom of the party polls activities choices when it has been included) which means it isn’t most of your’s cup of tea. Why is that…

So what I am looking for are (at least) 6 other rioters to join sammy and I in the “Pussi Riot Drop Zone club”. Although at the moment its only rockstar that can create parachute jobs I am sure in wont be too long before that mode is added to the in-game creator which [i think] will make the parachuting one of the most playable modes plus I can imagine so many crazy user created jumps that will have our sides splitting with laughter. We can make it into a monthly event just like our crew race events. Its just a shame the max player count is 8 currently (hopefully once we can make our own we can have a full compliment of 16 in 1 race).

So this will be on a first come first served basis. I might event need a “para captain” to run these events if it takes off…

What you guys think? Anyone interested. Add your R* name and gamer tag in the comments below


3 thoughts on “Parachuting… does anyone play it?

  1. I find it a bit slow, to be honest. And the payout wasn’t good, neither in cash nor RP, compared to even a 10 second race. More problems over on R*’s end than ours.

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