PS3 – May Crew party – Poll results

You crazy kittens have voted and the poll results are in! Woohoo!

Here’s how you voted…

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 19.58.17

So, this months ps3 party is gonna look something like this!

Pussi Riot Own Creations #1

Pussi Riot Own Creations #2

Pussi Riot Own Creations #3

Pussi Riot Own Creations #4

Plus the winners of the recent poll:

  • Binchen’s indoor TDM’s – TDM’s… indoors…created by Binchen
  • From countryside to the city – motorcycle races
  • Beach racing – off road vehicles… on sand…near the sea
  • Hurri’s Waterworks – whacky aquatic races

On top of this, the party reps will be running improve races, manhunts and sandpit games like the plane pit, BMX stunt area as well. We will of course hold with tradition and storm the military base at the end of hour four : )


So what can you expect on the night? Follow these simple steps below and we should all have a helluva night.

  1. Backof and Blondie will invite you in to the invite only ‘entrance lobby’. Accept the invite as soon as you receive it.
  2. In the entrance lobby you will meet them, the three party host reps, the two mic’d reps and you will be told which one will be your party host for the night.
  3. Your designated host rep will then invite you in the first playlist and your party will begin. Each party host will be taking away seven rioters with them and that group will need to stay together for the rest of the party.They will be using ‘invite all from previous session’ option every time they launch a new playlist and so in theory you should never end up anywhere other than in a lobby with the group and rep you started with! Remember your reps name and ALWAYS accept their invites in to each new playlist, job or sandpit.If you lose connection or your console freezes, please message that rep and let them know you have a problem, so they can re-invite you back in to their group once you are back online.

If you follow above and stick with your rep, then we should be able to entertain the highest number of rioters we’ve ever done on a previous party night. Let’s all work together to make that happen.


So once again just to reiterate, here are the designated party reps for the night…

Samantha Vercetti (Egimage)


DjangoDango (Gagagolightly)


Once the three main party reps have filled their groups and begun their respective group parties, the two mic’d reps will then become hosts themselves and begin inviting their own groups off. Those mic’d reps are…

Scuba.C.Vercetti (iwancont)

Krisxo (Kristaytay)

Please listen to what they are saying to you in the entrance lobby and do what they ask accordingly. We really want this party to be a success and organising/keeping groups together with their allocated reps is the best way we can ensure a maximum number of rioters can experience it.


Anyways, I hope that was pretty straightforward to understand? If you have any questions about it, ideas to help it run extra smoothly or you want to help out on the night with your mic, please leave a message below or PM me.

We’ve spent a lot of time this month ensuring that this is the most prepared we’ve ever been come party night. Hope you have a great time. See you on the night!

Yours will little bells on


a.k.a ‘The Commish’


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