the new batch…


Hello to my killer reps, and anyone else who happens to be reading this!

Currently we have an awesome core of Pussi Riot Representatives. I love everyone of ya. But you guys are just too thin on the ground. WE NEED MORE. I plan to give you [as a group] greater responsibilities including the hand over of the monthly crew party to run with but I need more of you to allow this to happen. Currently we have 26. I would like 50.

I do not play that much and when I do its always with the same familiar faces, I am not sure why this is but think its because the new members do not friend me up. Plus with the different R* to PSN usernames, I have trouble accepting the correct requests.

This is the reason I need you gals to be my eyes and ears and give me heads up on good players that I just dont come into contact with. So for this I am looking for you to nominate any of the current muscle ranked crew for promotion.


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