May Data Crunch


Another CRUNCH. Check it out.

Hi gals, First thanks to everyone who filled this in this month. We have had some changed to the crew roster in the last month which has made the stats look a bit more rosy. Now, nearly 50% of the crew have filled in the poll this data is derived from.

This isn’t actually from loads of extra peeps filling in the poll.  Its because we kicked the 62 invisible members who didn’t fill this form in. Thus improving ours total uptake stats by a whopping 15%.

I have added an extra pie to show where the “rest” of the crew are located. I would like to try and get more of these geo locations in to the crew,  making it more inclusive for our players already in these minority locations; Russia, Australia, South America, Middle & Far East and Asia.

I think its clear why these are our minority geo-locations. The major reason being; Languages (Russia & Asia, South America) and opposite time zones [to the majority of the crew] (Australia).

All this stuff is useful for me and new members to see how busy there timezone and geo-location is. So thanks very much to the 135 of you that have filled this in.

If your new or have not voted already. CLICK HERE and submit your 2 votes on your global location and your time zone.


2 thoughts on “May Data Crunch

  1. These are very interesting stats as always. It reminds me that the size of your crew doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it! Btw. What, no African rioters? Load the Titan, we gonna do a Pussi drop!

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