Gaga’s June crew party review

Whoop Whoop!!! The party is over for now… July party up next!

Hola gals, iv been tasked to write a review of the last crew party which went well in my eyes and better than last time round for sure!


Here is a link to post on what the plan was and now I will say how I personally thought it went on the night. Continue reading

The Party People, 27th June


Hi gals, its party time in about 24 hours. So now its time for me to explain in detail whats going…

We are running 3 playlist over the 4 hours. Each playlist will last about 45 minutes so everyone will get the chance to play all of them. The important thing is when your in the “closed crew lobby” and a party rep starts the playlist. EVERYONE joins this! Don’t worry… You will get time to play the playlist category you are most interested in, wether it be racing, deathmatching or capturing. We just want to make sure each playlist has 16 rioters in. As more rioters means more fun. Continue reading

Gaga’s party shoot photos

Hola gals, I have to thank everyone who came to my apartment party this past weekend. It went better than I thought, we got some great photos and we ended up all on boats and in cat masks. We also did Sammy’s derby race at the end which was really fun. I am sorry for those who tried to attend on the Sunday but the servers were stopping them 😦 which was sad. I was planning on putting photos on the blog earlier this week  but i been busy with real life stuff. So here are some of the pics I chosen from the two nights. Continue reading