GAGA’S party roundup

My perspective of how the night went


Hola gals, thank you for everyone who attended the crew party which was a really fun night. All of this is from my perspective so if I get anything wrong I apologize to you all. As you know we tried to change the way we run it from the last party with crew reps selected to host playlists created by crew and what Binchen moulded together.

Firstly we had lost two of our reps plus Blondie due to other commitments and problems plus other rioters Jenpab, Hurri, Hugo and many others. I also had rioters asking me what time did party start as they did not know. Eventually scuba opened a invite only session and ppl started to join, kittens came in and helped on mic with scuba. We started crew text chat on ps3 which I thought worked well and faster that messaging from friends.

I got in contact with scuba and started a playlist inviting rioters to it from session. I was thinking this idea could actually work. We got through our first game and the second one crashed on us all. 😦 Not good. I eventually got back online where Backof was on and I joined that session. Then started another playlist inviting most of my last playlist rioters. Binchen and MMH would also start playlists but I don’t think rioters we’re accepting there invites 😦 so eventually they joined me.

We eventually got a message of Backof saying “no reps in same playlist” so Binchen left with MMH and tried to get ppl to join there games. But they still had problems filling them and I had problems too with clown capture after playlists, aaaarrrrr know one joining!






So eventually when I finished a playlist they joined and this was 11.00 bst and I only got through 2 playlists. I then did a few games and Sammy’s destruction derby at golf which was fun. From what I heard from Backof that the improv races were good.

Grody and binchen then started closed session where we all tried to join for attack the base which was the highlight of the night for me. After we got some great crew shots thanks to binchen. Blew each other up thanks to Grody 😉 but by now ppl we’re leaving for sleep and…we’ll improv races and general messing about.









So were to go from here? Well for a start I thing the playlist idea with rep running it could work well and maybe sort out who will be in who’s group before the party actually starts. Knowing who your rep is before the night might be a better way of running it rather that hoping rioters join your games. Everyone who joins the invite only session should have ps crew text chat on because if there are problems it’s easier for everyone to see and maybe help out. The crew chat helped me discover rioters having problems joining in and also when they had to leave. The playlist idea was great and invite from last job also worked well. Every attack the base is always great fun at hour 4 and like backof said in her review its a tradition now. I loved the sandboxes just after and before as well. Creating more playlists is the way forward too.

If anyone has anything to add just pm me on sc and hopefully we can try to make adjustments in this format for June party night;). Thank all you rioters for spending time at party and also for reading my article. 😉

Pussi rep. GAGAgolightly.




2 thoughts on “GAGA’S party roundup

  1. I think the plan as such works perfectly. The trouble is Rockstar is not giving us the tools to perform correctly!

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