May Party review, promotions and more


Hi Gals, Well done for the great turn out on party night. It was all so busy and jam packed with fun and chaos (in equal measure) that I didnt take a head count. At points we had 3 playlists running with 8 rioters in each plus a full lobby of 16 players. So that would make 40 crew all playing at the same time. 

We had lots of new faces make the party for the first time and as some notable absentees… Blonadrus, Hurri, Sami, Krisxo, Hugo and more. That being that, the peeps that did make all seemed to have lots of fun.

I think this multi-playlist model is the way forward and we will continue to refine it. To improve everyones playing experience. Also I plan to energise all the reps pre-party and look at handing over the party to them in future. Again I didn’t get to do any of the playlists BC had created but the impromptu races, manhunts and sandbox games were loads of fun. Also the attack the military base is by now our own military procedure. We quashed the army in record time. Well done crew!!! 0_0 (6)

I also enjoyed the spontaneous Pussi Riot Carnival we had on the army flatbed truck Randy commandeered, well that was until Grody exploded us…All in all I think a good time was had by all, with some great performances from Kittens and Molly, stepping up into main party playlist hosts roles. Let me know your thoughts on how the party went in the comments.

I am not sure if you guys have noticed this, or if its even an issue for you but I cannot seem to invite peeps from the pause>my crews> view members option.  I was using the “friends” list option instead. This means that not everyone got invites, as not all of your are on my friends list (note to the crew that are not my friend on the PSN, request & send an accompanying message so I can add you). This wasn’t a massive issue as the reps and other crew have a different friend list to pool from and we were able to get the playlists full, it just took a bit of time. 0_0 (7)

I think we will section of the playlists into game types in future. So we have a “race” playlist, a “DM” playlist and a “sandbox” playlist. This way you will know you are getting yourself into. Going back to my earlier point about the reps, I would like you all to be involved on party prep and party night as my long term plan is the handover the setup, instigation, planning and running of party to you guys so there is less weight on my shoulders. Also I want the parties to function, even if Blonadrus and myself were not available.

Now onto some housekeeping. We are promoting some crew from muscle to representative rank. Well done to these crew, they have been singled out for praise by fellow rioters and have attended a crew party performing admirable plus have played nice when I am around. Sami has now joined SD, randy, hurri & guppy as an Lt. Its a big well done for all the hard work in-game and great posts on-blog. Now the job for you, [new reps]; is to push on and continue the good work plus help on the recruitment effort of new members and even start contributing to the blog. You are also able to start your own events, competitions and polls or use the blog in any way you see fit.

So fly my pretties, FLY!

Spread you wings and preach the “Word of Pussi”


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