Yumzhuns -The Danity Lady

Blac Prima Donna

I’m really a girly girl who loves high heels and expensive clothes and will kill anyone for my labels. Growing up in Liberty City taught me how to do many things to keep cash in my pocket & not to need a man for anything. My look & hair changes very often becauseI’m always about the now and the next best trend.

Everyone can see what my favorite color is by the pink smoke trail I leave behind on my way to the hair salon. By first glance you would think she is harmless in those 6 inch heels but test me and find yourself laying on the sidewalk.

My garage stays full of Ballers to sell just another side hustle I dabble in.  Also I like to sell cars for Simeon when he isn’t trying to swindle me into leasing the vehicles I bring him.

When I’m not robbing stores or stealing cars you can probably find me eating junk food because I have the munchies mmmm doughnuts.


  • Name: Ivonna Bokovia                     
  • Date of birth: January 10, 1993
  • Age: 21
  • Relationship status: Married To $$$
  • Sex: Money makes me c**
  • Interests: Men, Make Up, Heels, Weave, Weed
  • Religious views: Kifflom
  • Political views: None
  • About: I don’t mind doing anything for a lil cash mostly seen sitting pretty in the hood cuz I beez in the trap like Nikki but my pistol goes bang bang pop pop like Rihanna ima fashion killa babe.



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