My Latino story continued


Hola gals, I have a story to tell about something that happened in the desert this week. I was in pub having a drink of pisswasser with Binchen and Star when I overheard a conversation from a man who was at the bar.


Man in bar


Piss head grande bar






He was talking to a few stinking ugly looking lowlifes and the bar man. This man said that there had been a guy going around bars killing everyone. He described him as a big ass Mexican dressed in black with a guitar case. This was no ordinary guitar case, he said it was filled with guns. The guns part got my attention, as I was still looking for clues into who had killed my family. This guy could actually know something. I also heard that he plays the guitar for money in bars. 



This could be the guy I’m looking for

After they finished speaking the guy walked out of the bar and left the ugly men talking with themselves. Me Star and Binchen got up off our seats and headed for the door, then someone shouted “where do you think your going chicas” We figured out that they new we were listening in on there conversation. We had to act fast. Star picked up a chair and threw it at one of the guys and nearly took his head off. Binchen took her gun from her back and blasted one of the guys right in the head. Blood splatters everywhere, the bar man takes his shotgun from behind the bar and starts shooting. We all dive out of the way of the bullets like something out of  the matrix. Star notices a light fan above the bar man, starts shooting it until it falls and crashed off his head. I went to him and stuck my thumbs in his eyes until his eyes were no more that black holes filled with blood. The bar was shot to hell by now. blood was everywhere.We left the other guy alive to tell his bosses what had gone on here tonight. We left hoping that some clues would come to us.

Now my plan is to go to the closest bar from here and hope to find this mysterious Mexican. I heard that there is a bar night club call the Titty Twister, maybe I go there next Hoping to get one step closer to avenge my father.

If anyone in LS knows something about this mexican please personal message me. I will need more rioters with me when I get to the Titty Twister. Pm me if you want to help!
I feel this Mexican guy is on the same road I am.





4 thoughts on “My Latino story continued

  1. Why do our pub crawls always end so bloody? But I am happy that we have now new informations. When it´s time to go in the Titty Twister you can count on me and I am sure every Rioter will help you to get your revenge. i keep my ears open for more informations.

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