GAGA’S House party








Hola gals, I have an idea of party at my apartment in LS. This will be for photo shoot and having fun. Dress up in crazy clothes and hats and masks too. Getting pissed drunk inviting strippers and having fun. We will need full pisswasser drinks, smokes and loads of space on camera for photos.

Since I can only get so many in one apartment and I’m not sure how many yet I would maybe like to do more than one night as rioters may miss out on that night. If they leave I can always buzz someone else in.









This is just an idea at this moment so I will do my first pole to see if any of you think it is a good one. I’ve seen some party’s in apartments on the you tube and they look fun. There can be great pics taken I think.

Thank you for your time and votes 😉

Riot rep GAGAgolightly


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