June Crew Party – 27th June


Its only a couple of weeks now til our infamous Pussi Riot Crew Party. We continue to re-work and refine the party with the goal of maximising everyones enjoyment of the event.

I feel we have learnt a lot over the last 2 parties, since we changed the format and I think this one will be even better!!!

The tweaks for this party are small but will hopefully make a big difference.  We will be running just 3 playlists. Each one focused on a different aspect of GTA:online.

  • Playlist 1: Races
  • Playlist 2: Team deathmatches
  • Playlist 3: Captures

This time we will only be using rockstar created maps & tracks for the playlists. The tracks, maps and captures will be chosen by a strict criteria. This being all MUST be 16 players. This is because I plan to fill the closed crew lobby up to the maximum 16 players then launch each respective playlist. Its important everyone in the lobby joins the rep launching the playlist. as then I will invited more rioters in til we get 16 players again then the 2nd playlist will be launched. This should mean everyone gets to play every playlist.


We will also run 3 sandbox scenario games. These will be:

  • The Pussi Riot stunt plane playpit
  • The Pussi Riot Chilliad Challenge
  • The Pussi Riot BMX dirt track playpit

There is no set goals in these games apart from having fun. These will take place intermittently throughout the evening and should provide some comic relief from our more competitive playlists.

If you would like to be a party rep please PM me. I will do another update closer to party time explaining what races and maps will make up each playlist and who are the official party reps.

Currently the invite option from the “crew” menu  still doesn’t work so its super important that if you plan to attend you get on my friends list. as this is how I will be sending out the invites! FRIEND ME UP ASAP!


2 thoughts on “June Crew Party – 27th June

  1. Hey boss, sometimes you appear offline on my PSN friends list while you are actualy online. Do you have that problem with me or any other rioters?

  2. I think it is a bit buggy. As sometimes I cannot accept friend requests. Although when I then re-invite it works. You will be able to join me by joining via another reps name in pause option

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