What platform will you be moving to next?


HI Gals,

Sorry for the lateness of this poll but I have been very busy with real world shit. For this poll, I want to know where you see yourselves playing come November time????? The reason for this (just in case you have been living under a rock for the last week or so) is that GTAV is coming to the next generation consoles!!!!!!

I think with this is excellent news for the riot. As it will allow us to have even more members in Pussi Riot. I think we will look to create further crews once we reach the 1000 limit . 1 for each of the different platforms; Pussi Riot PS4, Pussi Riot Xbox1 etc etc

I will be staying on the PS3 for as long as I can, as I cannot justify the expense of a new new console but I know lots of you are eager to upgrade. I am also interested to know if any of your are on 1 xbox but will jump ship to Playstation and visa versa, Let me know in the comments below.



4 thoughts on “What platform will you be moving to next?

  1. c’mon… if i couldnt move my acc to other platform (and im sure i cant) so i dont need to move. starting MP from brginnin’? no thx, im already bored xD

  2. Only door PS4 🙂 I agree with Boss though, evolution doesn’t happen overnight but any other format you’ll be stuck on a sideline. PR House Party going on and you want to be stuck in the shed outside?

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