The June 28 battle against… Spartans!

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 RATs Emblem VS emblem_128

You read it, I said it. We’ll be fighting a ‘Spartan’ crew.

Technically they’re a Greek crew, but let’s face it, it’s much cooler to fight a small group of archaic blood thirsty elite soldiers than a handful of people from a state that has an income lower than that of the average Liberty City bum. They call themselves “SPARTANS OF GREECE” and they’ve had their fair share of TDMs. Don’t let that scare you. I’ve checked their stats and they’re about as good as we are. We haven’t worked out all of the details yet, but these are the deets so far:

  • The battle will be held on June 28
  • It’ll be a best of 4 (We pick two maps and they pick two maps. Suggestions are very welcome)
  • It’ll be 8 vs 8 (Which means not all of us get to play. It’s first come first serve)
  • Weapons are set to owned and pick-ups

Those who don’t get to fight this month, will be given priority next month. Which doesn’t mean that much, considering that because I have more time, we’ll have a couple of battles.

Spartan Girl HD Desktop Background

I’ll keep you girls posted on this page. Here’s hoping they’ll tackle us like they tackle their deficit.



4 thoughts on “The June 28 battle against… Spartans!

  1. Seriously? Let us incinerate these Lycans. Again, I am looking 4ward 2 the wearing our opponents fleah DLC. Is that unreasonable? Grody, I know u r wirh me right!

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