House party photoshoot







Hola gals, great day today as I have date and time for party shoot. Since there was sooooo many ppl saying yes to this idea I’m doing two nights of this. Thank you to all who voted and took time to read 😉

There were a total of 22 votes saying yes and zero votes saying no so thanks to all. The plan is to get dressed up in crazy funny clothes and costumes. Since the hipster dlc came yesterday we have loads of funky stuff to where. We also have crazy animal masks now so there’s plenty to choose from with all the old masks too. I will open a invite only lobby and start inviting everyone who is on gta 10 mins before the shoot starts. Make sure you have plenty of space on camera and bring your pisswasser and smokes too.

It should only take half hour to an hour so hopefully you all get to have  fun at some point. Like I said before, those who miss out will be priority in the second day shoot so don’t worry if you miss the first one 🙂 One problem I might have is not knowing how many ppl can fit in an apartment, so I hope it’s a full 16 and if not I could always have backup plan and get help from another rioter to use there apartment too. So we may have two apartments going in one invite only lobby. I will also send you invite for crew chat once in lobby so we can text faster. When you get in apartment you can do what you want and take pics of anything so the funnier the better 😉 If you would like to attend and you are not on my psn friends list then send me friend request as I will be inviting from my psn list for the session:)

The first shoot will take place on 21st of June at 7.00 gmt bst.

The second shoot will be on 22nd of June at 7.00 gmt bst.

If you struggle to attend any of these dates there will more shoots later in July so more fun 🙂

Thank you so much for your time and I hope to see you at my apartment soon 🙂 also binchens snapmatic contest is on so maybe dress sexy for that and get soon cool pics tagged #PinUpGirls 😉


pussi rep. GAGAgolightly



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