The Pussi Riot dropzone Club


Hi Girls. I mentioned this last month, as the parachuting game-mode is a real passion of mine. And it seems it is yours too. I had a great response from you lot when I tried to gauge interest in a running regular parachute playlists. So lets jump headfirst into it.

Unfortunately the parachuting is only 8 players maximum so I anticipate there will be more interest then places available. So to avoid upset I am planning on a couple of different event structures to either accommodate the extra players or plicate the ones who cannot get in.

I am also hoping that there will be a “parachuting creator” update in the future as I think this would really help this underused game mode. It would attract new players and generally increase the enjoyment of the jumps. Until this time comes, we will just have to be happy with the courses Rockstar has made for us.

I would like the club to meet once a month. I imagine we can do quite a few jumps in a 1/2 hour period so we may run a 2nd playlists or just 1 super long one with the winner being honoured in our hall of fame parachuting role-call.

I also plan in the future nominate a “Pussi Riot Parachute Club Captain” who will take over the monthly get together after I get it up and running. This is because I find it very hard to sit still and love to create and organise stuff, unfortunately I have so many other things to do it would be unfair for me to focus all my time on just a handful things. (Let me know if any of you would like to toss their hat into the ring for that job)

I do have another question for you before we cut this club loose… What day do you peeps have less on and can commit to playing once a month. I am thinking a Sunday evening.. maybe the 2nd sunday of every month as it has a nice ring to it. Just tick the days you are regularly busy on

I guess the day with the least votes is when we will do it, but Sunday would suit me down to the ground.

I hope you have enjoyed all the puns I have dropped in btw. TTFN

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