Crew Party theme announced: “I am a hipster”


Hi Crew, We have a crew party at the end of the month, which is only a  few days away now! I got the date wrong in my last post, I am really sorry about this.

It will be the last friday of the month as per normal!!!

I was holding back on assigning a theme for the party til the update was out. Now it is, we are going to use this as our theme, well almost anyway. Instead of “I am not a Hipser” we are making no bones that we are all hipster chicks.

So for this party, I want to see everyone in there new funky threads and post ironic cool cars. We will run Impromptu races to gang attack locations in the main lobby while it fills up to 16 players. The party will start at 21:30 on Friday the 27th of June and will run for 4 hours. We will be running (as mentioned in the first party post), 3 playlists. 1 for each; “Race”, “TDM” & “Capture”.

The Impromptu races to gang attack locations will happen in the main lobby while it fills up to 16 players then the official party rep start a playlist. Gaga is going to be my main girl starting the first TDM playlist. Sami Vecetti will be running the Race playlist. I need 2 more party reps still, so please throw you straw hat into the ring if you are available.

Race playlist


I am have appointed our resident racer Sami to select which Rockstar created races to include in her playlist. This will be a lovely surprise for me and you guys. There only stipulation is that all the races in the playlist must be 16 players. We plan this playlist to last around 45 minutes.

TDM playlist

For the TDM playlist I have selected only the multi teamed maps. This is to mix it up a bit as normally all we seem to play is 1v1. It also means if your lucky to get 1 or 2 RAT members on your team you stand a great chance of winning. Again all of these TDM’s will be 16 players with the last map being a single life affair, so you will need to be real careful with your attacks as you only live once.

The TDM playlist I have chosen is as follows:

  • Power play – 4 teams -first to 30 kills
  • Quarry – 3 teams – first to 40 kills
  • Get away – 4 teams – first to 30 kills
  • & the new “Last Team Standing” East Vinewood (2 teams) as the final item in the playlist


Capture playlist

For the capture playlist I have just selected from the RAID game mode, this is the one where 4 teams (rather then 2). each team has to fight their way into enemy bases and steel the stashes.

The Capture playlist I have chosen is as follows:

  • High seas (RAID): Piracy on the Alamo Sea. Four outfits, two based on the south coast and two on the north, try to raid each other’s camps and bring the product back to their own for storage. Advantage will go to whoever gets hold of the Buzzard attack choppers in no man’s land between the bases.
  • Beachin’ (RAID): Legal highs and bad t-shirts aren’t the only things being pushed on Vespucci Beach. Four factions raid each other’s stashes for control of the area’s ‘tourist trade’. Take product back to your spot and it’s yours.
  • Waterways (RAID): Rich residential Vespucci Canals suburb descends into chaos as four outfits raid each other’s supplies, and try to take them back to their own houses for storage. If some product makes it back, it’s got your name on it.

We will also be running the familiar sandbox games such as bmx’ing & stunt plans plus a couple more. I hope we can have at least 48 members turn up and play with us over the 4 hour party and remember we will hit the army base at the end of Hour 4! See ya there I hope!!!

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