Like every event weekend there is a Rockstar Snapmatic Contest:


Submit your most creative, most amusing and/or most artfully composed shots of the new content in The “I’m Not a Hipster” Update for the opportunity to win GTA$1M and a HIPSTER vanity license plate for your in-game vehicle. We’re looking for your best costs-a-fortune-to-look-broke outfits; effortlessly artful poses with your disaffected Crewmates next to your fleet of Glendales, Blades and other brand new vehicles; and anything else that proves you are definitely, absolutely (not) a hipster.

To make your shots eligilble for entry, simply log in to Social Club and tag them #IMNOTAHIPSTER between now and the end of Sunday.

I would love to see a Rioter pic on the newswire again. So i decided to organize a Photoshoot. I already have some ideas but it would be awesome if I get some suggestions from you too.

The photoshoot will happen this saturday (21th of June) after Gaga´s houseparty. I think that will be so at 20.00 GMT.

I recruited banksieboy aka sickbiyatch as main photographer. Her pictures are amazing. But feel free to take so many pic´s as you want.

Now to my ideas:

First one:
I love the new masks. So i want some pics where we all wear different animal masks. I´d like to see ya all in new hipster clothes and animal mask. Main gesture: wave (keep the button pressed)








Second: Pussi Riot
Idea from tealbird

We all wearing cat masks and make a big riot in the city.








Third: Street Artists
We meet at the Vinewood Boulevard all dressed as hipster. 3 or 4 of us performing as a band (1 or 2 guitars, one DJ, and one synthesiser)








Bring your news car to the photoshoot. so we can get some pics from the cars with and without their owner. Dressed in hipster clothes.








We all wearing the new dresses. I made yesterday some nice pics at the filmstudios for the Pin Up contest. With the italian flair the pics look great! May we can do some more with more models.








May we can not make all themes. We will decied in the crew chat what we will do first and what we may make not.

Tips for the photoshoot:
–> Join the PSN Chat. It´s much easier to communicate.
–> If it´s not needed for the shoot pls don´t get troubles with the police. If you have call lester!
–> Take care of your cars! They should not to much damaged for the photos
–> Gesture: Press them once for a short gesture. Keep the button pressed for longer gesture, press them twice for special gesture.

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