Attention Party Reps, here are your playlists:


Each of you need to start on the playlist you set up. Then cycle through. You should have enough time to do each playlist at least once.

Race playlist> link

TDM playlist> link

Capture playlist> link

Here are the rule sets for the TDM:

The TDM playlist is as follows:
  • Power play – 4 teams -first to 30 kills
  • Quarry – 3 teams – first to 40 kills
  • Get away – 4 teams – first to 30 kills
  • & the new “Last Team Standing” East Vinewood (2 teams) as the final item in the playlist
The Capture playlist is as follows:
  • High seas (RAID): leave as standard
  • Beachin’ (RAID): leave as standard
  • Waterways (RAID): leave as standard
The Race playlist is as follows:
  • Dipping In: leave as standard
  • Grand Tour: leave as standard
  • The Valedictorian: leave as standard
  • The Commute: leave as standard
  • The First Corporation: leave as standard
  • Route 68: leave as standard
  • Marios race: leave as standard
  • Business Trip: leave as standard

One thought on “Attention Party Reps, here are your playlists:

  1. RACING CLASSES (custom car ON, traffic ON + all driving aids)
    Dipping In: SPORTS (2 laps)
    Grand Tour: MUSCLE
    The Valedictorian: SEDAN (3 laps)
    The Commute: SUPERCAR
    The First Corporation: SUV (3 laps)
    Route 68: CLASSIC
    Marios race: COMPACT (3 laps)
    Business Trip: COUPES

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