The Party People, 27th June


Hi gals, its party time in about 24 hours. So now its time for me to explain in detail whats going…

We are running 3 playlist over the 4 hours. Each playlist will last about 45 minutes so everyone will get the chance to play all of them. The important thing is when your in the “closed crew lobby” and a party rep starts the playlist. EVERYONE joins this! Don’t worry… You will get time to play the playlist category you are most interested in, wether it be racing, deathmatching or capturing. We just want to make sure each playlist has 16 rioters in. As more rioters means more fun.

  1. Playlist is the RACE category run by Sami Veccetti (egimage)
  2. Playlist is the TEAM DEATH MATCH category run by DjangoDango (gagagolightly)
  3. Playlist is the CAPTURE category run by MissyVee (VintageSecrets)

Once the playlist finishes you all have rejoin my lobby via the pause menu. When everyone is back in. The second round of playlists will start. The party reps will now shuffle up & initiate the next playlist on the list. So this time you need to join a different playlist to what you just played. You should be able to stick with the same rep to depending on how many peeps are in the lobby when your playlist ends.

And this is how it will work when you return for a second time, third & forth (if we get that far)

We are having a reserve rep (BinchenChaos) just incase we have an influx of extra peeps, they can jump in and start an extra playlist. This shouldn’t be an issue as with the 3 reps running independent playlists, we will be accommodate 48 rioters.

The reserve rep will also step in if any of the official party reps have connection issues. I hope this isn’t the case and this scenario never appears.

For the Party Reps:
Please have all playlists in your pause menu. As you will need to initiate a different one each time.

Group chat function:
We will have a group text chat going on to alert everyone of any updates or changes to the schedule. Keep an eye on this.

Attack the Army Base:
At the end of the 4th hour, I do not expect us to have many more rioters knocking around then the 16 in the lobby (as its going to be the early hours of the morning in the UK and Europe) but this is when we start one of the crews favourite activities. This is going to go on for as long as we want but after an hour I will start some sandbox games such as the; Stuntplans, Demoderbys and BMX’ing.

I hope to see ya all there!



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