Who is Sami ?


Firstly, Sammy is not a woman. Or a man for that matter. This is both. If the name applies to both gender it’s because I chose it. Samantha, the fictional character with her yellow hat you may have already crossed, and Sam, the player, me.

This is one that I will try to present here.. Samantha is a lieutenant of the Riot now and I would like to take the lead on any ambiguity that might be in the future and therefore be able to express my thoughts so that everyone can say “ok, I know who Sam is.” But first I need to clarify some things including the reasons that led me, 27-year-old boy, to play a female character and the inverted commas will be many. That follows is just my opinion and I respect all opinions.

The word “character” is important. If I like video games in the first place, this is (I think) because I like the idea of ​​”living” adventures through a fictional character. I put aside the gameplay and technology, I also love, but it’s off-topic. Passionate about cinema and literature, there is nothing better for me than a good story well told with words or pictures.

That’s the reason for all this. I find absolutely no interest in playing a “virtual me” while I can create characters that will live their own stories, have their own temperament (never far from mine, inevitably) and above have its own identities. I’m a dreamer and I’m really a creative guy (I mean.. it’s a disease, my fifty races on GTAO can approve it I think), ever in an rpg or even in a sports game I create a character in my image, my need to create has always pushed me to innovate and to create the character I would like to see in a video game.

Add to that my little part of feminism and my passion to see more female characters in video games ESPECIALLY in the Grand Theft Auto serie – game brilliantly but outrageously macho, when I saw the trailer for the online mode with playable female character, I was crazy – and you get Samantha Vercetti.

A picture is worth a thousand words, here’s my happy face : I’M NOT THE BEAR

I do cinematography and I’m french but that you will understand with my English made by google. I’m not gay, I didn’t want to be a woman, I’m not schizophrenic, I’m not a pervert, I’m just an ordinary boy. And I love stories.


PS : Sorry if I broke your dreams… Don’t hesitate to ask me anything.


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