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Hello again ladies.

I hope you are keeping your swings well oiled and your putting up to par as we are very very close to being able to finally start our first golf tournament the Pussi Riot Golf Matchplay Championship.

For anybody who hasnt got a clue what I am talking about here is the link to the original sign up article:


That reads as fore not fooree by the way….as that would make no sense….

Anyway here is the field as it stands:

1. Boyblue80 & Backofmyneep

2. GAGAgolightly & Binchenchaos

3. Bondarus & muhmuhhuh

4. Bigpack88 & Katies92

5. StardustXO & Randalklahey

6. Cheesymitten & XO_AJ_

7. Kittens666 & Aleoxona

8. SwashbucklerTR & Elmohasguns

9. Scuba & Egimage

10. Kati_Vercetti & Carla Bomba

11. Ambrosio843

12. ohmypolska

13. GottaplayGTA

14. IzBiz-E Gangsta & Popeofmars

15. Brownbia

16. Vurculac

We also have BigPumaDaddy but I think they are on Xbox…

So as you can see we only need FIVE MORE PEOPLE. Come on ladies thats almost a handful! We can do this! Pass the word around, beat people of with golf clubs until they agree etc etc, lets get these final 6 people on board so we can start the next great Pussi Riot regular events!

I am looking to start this next weekend (5th July) so any help in getting the final six would be most appreciated.

Come on lets all play and go randomly bald together!




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