Gaga’s June crew party review

Whoop Whoop!!! The party is over for now… July party up next!

Hola gals, iv been tasked to write a review of the last crew party which went well in my eyes and better than last time round for sure!


Here is a link to post on what the plan was and now I will say how I personally thought it went on the night.

So let’s get down to it. My job after the lobby was full and Backof joined was to add all ppl in lobby to tdm playlist and start. Everyone joined and I had a full game which was great. The psn text chat worked well again until I started the race pl after the first. I found myself stopping in races just to text ppl in other games, I had to leave a pl about half way through because it was not full and ppl were missing out in lobby. I joined back up with Backof and by then Sammy was in pl and I could start a new tdm pl for ppl who missed first one. At first I thought I had been tasked to do all three pl one after one.

0_0 (6) 

The Boss’s Comment:

“Well I was nearly 30 minutes late for the party which was the best way to start. When I did get online the party was underway. I managed to get in the lobby as all the rioters were dispersed across the map. I couldn’t enter the group chat… I never realised there was a limit on this before. Anyways. I thought it went well overall. We were running 2 PL’s at tha same time with then 10 peeps in the lobby. I think we had about 40/50 rioters show up over the 4 hours. We still have room for improvements and will continue to do this. I think the Capture PL was our biggest success. Also I did get Hugo on my team 😛

The Impromptu races to gang attacks were a big success though, I am happy about that!!”

Then later I thought I was just doing tdm 3 times with different ppl. Anyway, I started tdm pl again and eventually got full game after 20 mins of waiting. Then commish blondie joined which was great fun. The after vintage then started a new capture pl and by then I was a bit drunken so I between we might of done improv race too :/ The capture pl was my favorite pl and loads of stuff going on with 4 teams battling to win. Every one texting saying they hope to be on Hugo’s side which was funny.

Then we finished on the race pl which I hosted but some of the races I choose the wrong cars for that race which I apologize for as I had a list of vehicles for each race. Attack the base was next and we had a full lobby to picking rioters up and heading for base. To me it seemed harder to survive longer and more tanks were appearing. At one point I saw 3 tanks together and I rioters blasting rockets at them close range lol. We kept going back in and fighting back until the the end. Backof went so I thought I would leave and start my new creation water ramp bike race. I had five rioters play and a few splashes too.

The Boss’s forethought:

“I got a little bit peev’ed with peeps for not joining the playlists the reps started. ALSO!!!! I don’t know why other rioters were inviting us to missions while a party was going on? I guess they didnt get the memo??? I need to think of a way to get more rioters to read the blog so they know whats going on… I guess the more we do it, the easier it will become.”

So overall I think it went well and little tweeks and twerks and we should be able to have better time next party. If any of you gals have anything to help the party become better pm me , I will be happy to hear your thoughts 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Pussi Riot Lt. GAGAgolightly.


4 thoughts on “Gaga’s June crew party review

  1. Yeah I wish everyone read the blog and was on the social club. Would make things a lot more interesting. I could also finally fill out my golf brackets!

  2. I am sorry you had to sacrifice for the good of the rest of us. I can say, it is greatly appreciated! The party went really well from my perspective. I missed out on the raid again, but I’m sure that was my fault. Maybe, just maybe we can start with 1 and end with one in the future? Anyway, thank you to all of our brass for the hard work and a pissa party!

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