Anyone who’s met her will agree with this – Scuba is stupid! I mean not just your average stupid but really really stupid. All you’ve got to do is look at that face – Hello is there anyone there? I think not!

Stupid Scuba

Scuba Christ Vercetti – Not the brightest of sparks

Lately Scuba has taken to speaking about herself from a third person perspective, presumably because she can’t stand the sound of her own voice. Anyone who has heard her speak down the mic will be able to appreciate this as it sounds horrible.

Stupid people like to do stupid things and Scuba is no stranger to this kind of activity. She holds no truck with the thinking people of Los Santos who like to do clever things such as technical rally races or strategic death matches. No Scuba would rather put her feet up and watch repeats of last season’s Fame or Shame on her rather nice 80 inch flat screen telly while sipping a glass of her favourite green shit knowing full well it will make all her hair fall out  – daft bitch!

Sir Elton John has a song called Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting, which Scuba kind of agrees with as stupid people love a good scrap after a few bevies. But Saturday night is also the time when Scuba likes to party HARD! Her mate Gaga can atone to this as she had to rescue her twice in one night after Scuba had blacked out from over doing it on the old booze and bong front.


Raccoon Rioja! And why not? – what’s the worst that can happen? – Scuba Vercetti

Now stupid people generally like to mix with other low IQ individuals and generally take part in lairy activities usually at the expense of others. Our Amsterdam representative Grody-to-the-max has regularly voiced her indignation at having to put up with said individuals on a daily basis whilst on her way to Morrisons for a pint of milk and a Curly Whirley.

Scuba believes there are other simpletons in Pussi Riot who would love to join her in a session where brainless yet fun activities take place. Saturday’s probably the best time for this as everyone will still have most of their wage packets to spend on Pisswasser n Redwoods and may even have a few quid left over for an impromptu race or 2.

Head of the Xbox – Combatguppy recently showed Scuba a list of fun party games to try and Scuba thought this was right up her street as it was…well quite frankly stupid. She’d like anyone who’s daft enough to read this article, because lets face it if you’ve read this far then you must be pretty stupid too – Here have a look –  link

So the long and short of all this is – Would you like to take part in a session on a Saturday where you just do stupid stuff? We will be doing party games in free roam and launching some insane playlists of crew created material and specially selected nutty jobs from elsewhere. We can have up to 16 of us in a lobby at once so Scuba will have to operate it on a 1st come 1st serve basis. The second SSS as the banner up top now suggests will take place on Saturday the 23rd of August – invites will start getting sent out at 8pm GMT. She’s open to all your silly ideas and suggestions so if you have anything to say on the matter then please fill in the comments box below or send Scuba a PM

Peace Scuba 😉



  1. OK here’s a quick update of a few choices she’s been sent so far. Panto Destruction Derby on top of the Maze Bank, Drunken Frogger on the Freeway, or anything else involving been drunk, Evel Knievel style long jumps over vehicles using the new Harley or Liberator Monster Truck. Cram as many airborne choppers into the cove as possible. Parachute and land onto the dump truck. Keep em coming gals 😉

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