Clever title about Roses and Thorns

My new apartment and six car garage. From left to right: My Daddy’s old Sabre Turbo, with an actual Turbo. Repainted, but rest is all the work we did before he passed. My Elegy RH8, still a work in progress. And my Bravado Buffalo S. Also, barely visible, is my Bati 808.

  • Name: Farlina Rosethorn
  • Date of birth: September 24th, 1990
  • Age: 24
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Sex: In your dreams. Leave your wallet before you wake up.
  • Interests: Guns, American Cars, Motorcycles, Racing.
  • Religious views: Sex. Drugs. God. Cash. Sex. Drugs. God. America.
  • Political views: Sex. Drugs. God. Cash. Sex. Drugs. God. America.

So, you saw my sarcastically titled post and figured “Huh, might be worth a glance.” Well, you just stumbled upon some posting by some drunken red-haired half Irish psycho from Southern Louisiana, now living in Los Santos. Now grab me a Pißwasser and sit down.

My name is Farlina Rosethorn. Yes, I know it sounds like a porn name, and no, it isn’t. Ask again and I’ll shoot you in the knee with this here heavy caliber pistol. Ask a third time and I’ll shoot something you can’t live without.  Understood? Good.

Now, growing up way back when I was a little one, my daddy used to take me hunting. I loved it. Big guns, deer, beer. Problem came when I was fifteen or so, someone got upset at my pictures with my kills. Started a whole protest about wishy washy Liberal Bullshit. Either way, Daddy thought it best that I leave town, so he sent me to Los Santos with nothing but my gun and my head on my shoulders.

I joined the Riot waaay back in Febuary, but I had to leave town for my daddy’s funeral, and dealing with the land. Now, that’s settled, I’ve bought a new apartment, and I’m back. And I’m done writing, I’m off to go race.

Oh, and say hi to Mittens for me. He’s my first ever trophy, I bagged him when I was six! Uncle Wolfe stuffed him for me, and he’s been over my bed forever.



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