July Crew Party – 25th July


Hi gals, Its party time (again!!!) at the end of the week at the normal time 20:30 (GMT 0). For this party we will be having the same 3 party reps as last time, with 2 reserve reps backing them up incase there are any unforeseen circumstances such as Cloud Server Errors, Disconnection’s or Connection Issues. This months theme is “user verified games” and in a previous post I asked you gals to nominate games you have played and liked. Unfortunately some of your selections didn’t meet the criteria but the ones that did have made it into the playlists.

Party Reps:

1)  2)  3)_
Egimage (sami)         VintageSecrets       Katies92

Reserve party reps: BC &

Party Host

Raxo D –  aka Grody

The reps have been briefed, the playlists prepped, we just waiting for the clock to roll down then its party time! We will be running the party much like last months with everyone joining the party host (who has asked for the title to be adjusted to party princess), in a closed crew lobby. So… Princess Grody will be running Impromptu Races to Gang Attack Locations while the lobby fills up to capacity.

Once full… Then a playlist will be started by the 1st party rep. Please… all of you join this! Even if you aren’t to much of a fan of that mode, as you will be able to play all the playlists just by sticking with 1 party rep). This is because we need to clear the lobby for the peeps waiting to get in. The same process will happen again where then the 2nd party rep starts the next playlist, so the whole point being is doesnt matter which party rep you are with or time you arrive. I would advise to arrive on time that way it can get under way quicker and you can play more playlists.


  • Pier Pressure II – 4 teams -first to 30 kills
  • The Los Santos Riots – 2 teams – first to 50 kills
  • Battle GTA – 2 teams – first to 50 kills
  • Paradise Ally – 2 teams – first to 50 kills
  • Adventure TEAM!! (Contend): leave as standard
  • CORRUPT COPS (Contend): leave as standard
  • Highest Treasure (Contend): leave as standard
  • 4 Way Madness: leave as standard
  • Dirt Track Derby: leave as standard
  • Sultans of Swing: leave as standard
  • Alleyways: leave as standard
  • The Gordo Run: leave as standard
  • Windy Hills: leave as standard
  • 2 Mile Lap, Divided: leave as standard

You should all be able to play all of the playlists over the party event and if you can stick around til hour 4 we will mount an assault on the military base lead by Princess Grody.


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