The Panda Cup Race Event Briefing

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Welcome, welcome all to the Riot’s first amateur race championship!


Why is it called the ‘Panda Cup’ you say? Well the tracks are easy going and relaxing… but they can still bite your head off if you don’t pay enough attention, that’s why.

The playlist consists of 8 tracks and can be found here

The championship will take place on August the 2nd (which is the first Saturday of the month) at 8pm GMT. If all goes well the championship will take about an hour or so. The getup is a bit different this time. We’ll only have two teams, red and blue, each consisting of 8 drivers. This is to make sure that skill and experience is divided equally, giving each team a good shot at winning the championship.

Send me a message on the SC, the blog or by carrier pigeon, with your team preference to officially enter the championship. If all the expert drivers somehow end up on the same team, I’ll switch it up a bit. The list will be added to this post as soon as it’s full.

The vehicle class we’ll be racing with will be picked by… YOU! Just submit your vote in the poll down below. If it’s a draw I’ll flip a good ol’ coin.


And last but not least catch-up, slipstreaming and custom cars will be switched off.

Good luck!



The teams are as follows:


  • GagaGolightly
  • BinchenChaos
  • Muhmuhhuh
  • Egimage
  • CauseImDre


  • Bigpack88
  • Alexona
  • Slimsy1901
  • MLP_Carley
  • Grody-to-the-max

The vehicle class is coupes.



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