GAGA’S July Crew Party Review





Hola gals, we have just had a fun party on Friday and thank you all who attended. I would just like to write a quick review of how I thought it went on the night. First off I have to thank Grody for a great job as princess host 😉 and Katie for a coolio job as party rep. We started off with the usual impro races and gang attacks Which went well. We still had sammy missing from the group and joining later due to work commitments so we had no race playlist, which I then tried to put together but could not find some of the races in the job menu. Me and Grody decided to start a different race/stunt crazy playlist which I would host.

The races started off cool until connection problems and so I needed to restart again. Then halfway through playlist rioters were leaving so we had less and less near the end. Then more server issues with many rioters saying they could not join the playlist. 😦 This was a common issue during the night. We eventually got back to session with princess Grody and Katie started the capture playlist. Katie did an amazing job as host for capture playlist. 🙂 Then after was the TDM which also went well with me as host even though I sucked in them.

Attack the base was next and we all tried to get together and fly to the base for the assault. I found that there were more of us outside the base rather than in. We had some great photo shots on the beach with props. Then we finished the night with sammy a sedan derby race which for me is the best created race I’ve played and everyone enjoyed it 🙂








Overall I think server issues were a big problem and also rioters leaving playlists in action. I also had a overload of messages from psn and text chat from rioters wanting to join in but r* wouldn’t let them 😦 which got me down a bit as I could not do anything to help. So for next parties I may give someone else a chance to be party rep as I don’t think I did the best of jobs with the race playlist. Thank you again Grody and Katie 🙂 you both were great.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we have more improved one in August 🙂

Pussi rep



2 thoughts on “GAGA’S July Crew Party Review

  1. Thank you GaGa, Grody, Katie and all the rest for your hard work. I logged on not realizing it was party time! I missed just about everything except the Sudan Durby and the base invasion. It was my first base invasion and it was as awesome as I had hoped it would be! The beach party was rad! I wished I had beer but I was glad to have an arsenal of fireworks 🙂 it is the people that make the crew and I dare say we have the best!

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