August Crew Party Itinerary for Xbox

This is the itinerary for our August party.  It will be on Saturday, August 30th at 4:30pm EST.  Keep this handy so you know the schedule we will be following.  Make sure you have your chat set to crew so you can hear everyone, and that you go to Online/options/allow spectate.  Eltax will be live streaming this party, and the only way she’ll be able to see you is if you allow spectate!

Hour 1 – Manhunt

One person will have a bounty placed on them, they’ll get a head start and then the hunt begins!  When they are killed, the process begins again.  I think eltax still has the record for the longest time survived.  Let’s see if anyone can beat her!

Hour 2 – Crew Created Playlist

We’ll do a playlist of races and death matches that have been lovingly created by fellow rioters.

Hour 3 – Whitewater Rafting

We’ll meet in the Alamo Sea.  Call in your boats or jet skis; they’ll spawn in the Sea. Then we’ll head to the rivers that are branching off for some white water rafting!  If you don’t own a boat or jet ski, don’t worry.  Trying to swim down the rapids is just as fun.

Hour 4 – Storm the Military Base

We know the drill by now, right?  We’ll parachute into the base, steal jets and tanks, or hide in the hangers and survive.

August Party – Aero themed


Hi gals, Its party time (again!!!) at the end of the week at the normal time 20:30 (GMT 0). For this party we will be having the same hostess and party reps as last time out.

This is because I am away again and its best to keep some continuity plus I know these girls will look after you. BTW; If any of you would like to be a party rep, just let me or any of the high ranking crew know and we will get you on board and briefed in time for the september party. Continue reading