BLOOD IN TEQUILA. Latino Story Part 3



Vampires storming towards us. We all drew our weapons and started blasting these smelly, foul, evil things. Blood and flesh flying everywhere. Binchen jumped onto a table and started firing at there heads with her machine gun. Roxana took her precious Hattori Hanzō samurai sword from her back and started swinging left and right slashing vampires to pieces. Backof had duel desert eagles in each hand, shooing  the kneecaps of those demons. Swash had an extendable spear which at first looks Like a baton you would use in relay, when she swings it forward it extends and becomes a spear. Vampire heads with nasty looking holes right through the eyes from Swashbuckler’s spear. I looked over for a second and saw swash was picking an eye ball of the end of her spear. Arrows flying through the air in deadly flight piercing through the body’s of those once human monsters. Sammy’s crossbow was beautiful and yet deadly. She never missed a head shot with this beast, accurately hitting each shot through the eyes, mouth and forehead of the vampires. Star had her usual star like weapon.. Her morning star. A nasty chain and spiked ball killing machine. Swinging it round her body and smashing it into there heads. I was watching this Mexican shooting these beasts as I was blasting away with my hand cannon and he was no amateur.



It was like a blood bath after binchen poked the eyes out of the last vampire with her fingers. Body’s lying everywhere, some in pieces and some in half’s. We all lowered our weapons as this huge mexican came towards us. “Nice shooting amigo” said Roxana. The Mexican said in a deep voice “have you girls been following me?” I replyed “yes, we need information on cartel and we know you know things.” “Trust me girls, you don’t want to go down this road.” Sammy asked the Mexican “what’s your name.” The Mexican replyed, “call me El Mariachi.” “I’m looking for a man called Bucho” said the Mexican. He was telling us that this Bucho was part of the cartel. I also remember him having dealings with my padre. He said that this Bucho man was responsible for the death of his lover and also the stitched up hole in his hand.










As we were so close to getting more answers from El Mariachi,  we started hearing noise’s from behind the door near the bar. There was also a vampire that stood up near the bar. It was the barman, still alive even after I shot him twice in the chest. He said in a mean grizzly voice, “you amigos are all dead!” Then from the door next to bar a small army of vampires came crashing through into the room. This was like the 300 movie, only let’s hope the end is not the same. We were out numbered again, nearly out of ammo and out of energy. We were done for. Even El Mariachi looked shocked. Were did all these vampires come from? So many questions and little time to get answers. It was Either die shaking or die fighting.








Then from out of nowhere a loud bang came from the front door, and then a blast from a sticky bomb blew the doors apart. Then from out of the smoke came Grody, Scuba and KrisTayTay. The sunlight glared through the door and started burning the vampires to dust. Moaning, screaming and frying, the vampire hoard were having a barbecue and Grody, Scuba and Kris were all invited. 😉 Scuba said, “told you we make it” 🙂 “got a bit lost in the desert though, which is why we a bit late.” Said Grody. “Glad to see you girls” replyed Backof.

Now there were ten of us rioters and El Maricahi who agreed to join and help us track down Bucho and the rest of the cartel. He said there is a man who might know things. He goes by the name Machete. This was a lead we had to follow. But first we needed to get out of this dusty, smelly hell hold of a place and stock up on ammo and food. I think there is more battles to come for our pussi riot crew.













Stay tuned


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