Moan, Moan, Moan with Muhmuhhuh #5

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“How could you ever feel comfortable if no matter where you went you felt like you belonged someplace else?”

Mark Peter Hughes – Lemonade Mouth

Good evening ladies. It has been rather a long time since I laid the blog down on all your candy asses. Lots of things have changed on wordpress and I am quite confused here so bare with me if I make any formatting errors.

What do you mean I used to do them all the time anyway?? I must admit I am rather sloppy when it comes to my posts but I hope that you all appreciate my content more than the appearance!

OK so this post is going to be quite a strange one for me. Not only will I be breaking down the fourth wall here but I also have no idea where its going. Its like thoughts just tumbling out of my head. Initially this was going to be a moan in about a specific topic (which i will get to) but I think its going to divert away from being a moan and instead be the thoughts of a sentimental old tart! But we shall see….

First of all let me say I have no idea who “Mark Peter Hughes” is and why he has a “lemonade mouth”. But the quote works for what I am trying to convey here I think. And if it doesn’t well tough, I aint looking for another one!

So lets start moaning shall we?

Over the past few weeks I have received many a friend request from an abundance of crew members. This is fantastic, I want as many crew members on my list as possible. Yet every time I go to add people to my list I get hit with the FRIENDS LIMIT OF DOOM message.

This is quite the quandry for me. Its like Sophie’s Choice (look it up young uns) at times. I will never ever delete a crew member as I dont want them to realise one day “hey why has Molly took me off their list? The git…” so I am now at the point of deleting real life friends off my list on favour of Rioters! My old buddies from other games (I was quite the avid, and dare I say skilled Fifa clubs player) but they had to go as they do not give me the same buzz that the Riot gives me.

So for the love of god PSN why cant you give us extra spaces for friends?? Our crew is massive and I do not want to play favourites at all! Ill pay good real cold hard cash if necessary!

See here is the problem and what got me into sentimental mode here….

I hate the thought of some new rioters or even those who have been here a while who have not properly intergrated. The thought of them roaming the mean streets of Los Santos with no help, no comradarie, it makes me quite sad to be honest. Now here is where the game does not help itself.

I actively try to search out people I have never met before to try and mix with them. But I am sure the crew list online is never 100% accurate. Or I will try and enter their lobby only to be hit with the maximum players in session notice. The worst one is when I go into their session and it takes so bloody long to get into the game that by the time I have got there (via the shower of course, thanks for that Rockstar…) the person is gone!

I look on Snapamatic quite often. Not just to see the great artistic photos that some of our tremendously talented crew members take, or to laugh at the ones that my closer crew friends have took, but also to see the random ones. The new girls taking a selfie looking all proud in their two car garages. I love all that and wonder what these peoples characters are like.

Take a look at these pics. Some girls who I have never met or only met in passing…

moan1 moan2 moan3 moan5This is what I love about this game. Every character is unique (even if we all have the same 10 fathers it seems…) These are all just generic photos but I want to get to know all of them and I just feel that a combination of the game, PSN and even the social club restricts us from this somehow. And that is a damned shame. I give anyone who I dont know a thumbs up picture wise just to let them know that somebody is noticing them.

Here is another crazy thing. Did you know I am not actually a massive fan of GTAV? I mean I like it dont get me wrong, its a beautiful looking game with lots of fun to be had. But if I break down the game into pieces I realise…

*I SUCK at killing people, I mean really suck. Deathmatches and captures get me so angry.

* I am incredibly unlucky at racing. Come to think of it I am in most racing games…maybe I just suck at that too!

* I am always last at parachuting.

* I am OK at Golf I suppose.

* The only game I am good at nobody plays (Tennis)

But do you know what? None of this matters as I love the unity in the game and the characters that our crew has representing it. I actually get to the point where I miss people who are not online for a while. Seeing Randy and Star turn up last week was cool, I aint seen Cat or Hurri for ages, Kimberly the same and as for my Team Muhdarus partner Blondie its been far too long!

And then you look at the characters we do have. Banksie is a beast of a player who you dont mess with, Lamplighter always makes me laugh for some reason, I think her face is brilliant, Kati and her laughably poor golf game (sorry…you are improving though!), the real life couple of AJ and Cheesy, I like the fact that I have shared messages with the likes of Kinder without knowing what either of us is saying due to the language barrier, then down to the effort that the likes of Gaga, Sami, Scuba, Grody etc put in to entertaining us, the work Boss puts in in general, all the blog posts, the crazy stories, this crew is f*cking awesome.


Just look at her! Brilliant face.

I want to play every creation that our crew members make, so they know somebody appreciates the effort, i want to meet them all, race them all, fight with them all, I want to meet the bloody Xbox crew! I hate knowing their is another world over there and I am missing out! I would love, love, love everybody to be involved in the Social club.

And then you have the (thankfully slowly) ticking time bomb of GTAV getting old, or going onto next gen (current gen now surely?) systems. I really hope it doesnt fracture the crew at all. Ideally in future I think we should safeguard this by having us move on into a proper gaming community with proper forums etc to keep in touch.

I dont know if I am like anybody else in the crew but sometimes real life can be a bit…well shit to be honest. Not all the time of course but we all have our moments and its nice to get a bit of escapism in LS. A rubbish day in work is easily forgot about when I step out of my (generic) apartment to be greeted by a crew member careening around the corner in a gaudy car only to go crashing into the bins outside my apartment block. Its a cool feeling.


This series of photos makes me smile too. Its so absurd (its a human fox in a military base..) yet kinda sweet…

So in closing I have a few little comments for you all to think about…

* Make it your goal to welcome a new member. Invite them into a game, tell them to get on the social club and dont leave anyone alone. Even if its just one new person a week it all adds up.

* Get involved in everything even if you dont think you are good at it. Nobody cares if you are good or not, its all a bit of fun.

* Give people a thumbs up or play a random creation of theirs. Again every little helps.

* Play golf (cheap plug I know…)

* Stick together in the future no matter what!

And above all else dont forget this one major thing….

I love you all (in a none weird way) and never forget that we are pretty damned awesome. Awesome as individuals and awesomer (made up word I think..) as a collective.


(This song probably doesnt convey what I am saying as much as it should but damn…what a song it is.)

PS. Oh and I may have been a sentimental mushy old fool here but dont forget I will still kick all your asses if you mock me for it!


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