Birthday celebrations plan

Hi gals,

Here is history behind “Birthday celebration” idea:
We ran a poll a while back seeing if you guys wanted to celebrate crew members birthday’s, to which the majority (that filled in the poll) agreed this would be a good idea but the point was raise that as we have nearly 365 members and we could be doing a party everyday. This was a bit of a sticking point…

Upon further thought we have decided to lump all the birthdays that happen in each month together, thus meaning we will have 1 party each month for all members born in that calendar month.

The plan for the “Birthday celebration” event:
We will have a “Birthday celebration party” each month on a regular date. This date has yet to be decided but will most likely happen on a weekend. At the party we will celebrate all the crew members that have a birthday that month. Everyone will meet at the co-ordinators house for drinks and bongs, then we can run funny games as well as custom playlists with the birthday girls having a say on what happens at each celebration event.

The Method behind the “Birthday celebration” preparation:
We need you all to fill in the form below with your month of birth. Once all active crew members have filled in the form, we will have a birthday roster split into different calendar months. I expect some months will have more birthdays then others but that is fine. We can continue to add to the roster as more peeps join the crew.

Co-ordinator wanted to “Birthday celebration” event management
We also need someone to manage the publication of each months party roster on the blog as well as the in-game lobby. If you would like this role or want to know more about it get in touch via the social club.


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