The Drought – A Mega Minigame

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The world has let it come to this. The last drop of oil has been sold and there isn’t a renewable energy source big enough to accommodate the masses. Can you survive pseudo-post-apocalyptic San Andreas?


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It’s been months since the city ran out of gas and most people have moved to a settlement at the RON Alternates Wind Farm. There’s barely enough electricity to go around and most of it is being hogged by the rich and the authorities.

A few groups of survivalists remain in Los Santos. Among them is you. It’s surreal seeing the city so empty and deserted. And yet the place seems just as absent and dirty as it used too to be, plus a few wrecked cars and starved homicidal maniacs of course.

The few supplies left are running out and anarchy has erupted among the different factions and occasional lone ranger. Fight your way to the top or cower your way to the bottom and out of the city all the way to that low voltage settlement.

This mega minigame will test your skills in shooting, racing and general resourcefulness over several chapters.

Chapter 1 – Gun Run

You can’t get anything done without a gun. One of the members of your group has overheard another faction talking about an abandoned Ammu-Nation warehouse. You’d better get over there before they do!

Unlocks: Guns and a base camp

Chapter 2 – Better Late Than Never

Cars have been rendered useless now that there’s no oil. Electric powered cars won’t get you far either, because that dumb government thought it was a good idea to under-subsidize green energy. Now coal, gas and plutonium can’t make it’s way to the power plants. Luckily you might be a bit more mobile soon. Turns out another faction has modified their diesel powered cars to run on biodiesel. You got guns, use them.

Unlocks: Biodiesel cars

Chapter 3 – Shopping Killing Spree

Without oil the agricultural sector can’t keep up with demand and the few crops can’t be moved far. Local food is the only option and San Andreas doesn’t have that many farms, so you’re going to have to steal some if you want to survive. There’s a local market occupied by former shopkeepers. They’re armed, but you can make a quick escape now that you have motorized transportation. If those shopkeepers are too tough, you can always steal food from another faction.

Unlocks: A supply of food

Chapter 4 – Going Green… Ironically

The world has run out of oil, but that doesn’t mean there’s no gasoline around. It has actually become a very valuable commodity, since the rich out of town folk refuse to let go of their gas guzzling cars. Your faction could use some money. Luckily with the police gone, street racing biodiesel cars is bountiful. There’s a faction willing to wager some barrels of precious gasoline, but the only valuable thing you can wager is the food you just got… and your guns. Better keep that sidearm with you if you want to guarantee victory.

Unlocks: A few barrels of gasoline

Chapter 5 – Border Hoarder

The violent behavior of the factions hasn’t gone unnoticed. The president himself has declared Los Santos a national threat and the city has been put under quarantine by the authorities. Oh no not the police. Merryweather was and is the only considerable force with access to electric powered vehicles and was therefor offered a contract to replace the old police force and to assist the U.S. army in national combat situations. They signed it and checkpoints have arisen everywhere. Those things have to operate 24/7 and thus need to be well stocked. Your faction is running dangerously low on supplies after being robbed a few times this week. You may as well try to strip one down entirely now that you still have a some ammunition left.

Unlocks: High powered guns, armored trucks, Merryweather patrol vehicles

Chapter 6 – Going Places

That little stunt you all pulled got you into a lot of trouble. It wasn’t long before Merryweather managed to find you, so you’ll have to flee the city. The supplies have already been successfully smuggled out through a checkpoint free route in the armored trucks you stole, which of course have been disposed of, but Merryweather caught wind of your little escape and now you have to take an alternative route to the rendevouz point under a Blaine County bridge FAST! There’s a Merryweather checkpoint on the way you’ll have to ‘sneak past’ and, to make things worse, some opportunistic survivalists are trying to follow you back to your supplies. You’re going to have to take them out as you go.

Unlocks: New base camp

locks: armored trucks, Merryweather patrol vehicles

Chapter 7 – Loose Ends

You’ve made it to your new base. It doesn’t look too shabby, not too shabby at all. Whilst touring your new base, a Merryweather patrol appears on the horizon. Apparently they’ve followed you and are now trying to take off with your supplies! Tie up this loose end and quickly secure your supplies.

Unlocks: The supplies that were yours already anyway.

Chapter 8 – Joan Of Blaine County

News travels fast even in a state with little power. Your actions against Merryweather have inspired the locals at the wind farm settlement. They’ve formed small resistance groups and started raiding checkpoints and outposts. Today however they’ve raided an entire Merryweather base out in a quarry. All they took however were large containers of food. The entire quarry is filled with guns, fuel tanks and even two helicopters that will definitely come in handy for the plan you’ve been working on. Seems almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Unlocks: Owned guns, two helicopters, two large tanks of gasoline.

Final Chapter – Breach Of Contract

This is is, the moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s been a few weeks since the resistance factions started popping up and today Merryweather has their hands especially full with responding to their raids. Their main base of operations is as vulnerable as it’ll ever get so now is the chance to execute your plan. Take the helicopters you stole and land inside their compound. Kill the Merryweather and U.S. marines inside, take over the base and bring their government contract and it’s copies to your old base as a trophy to show San Andreas who’s really the one in charge!

Unlocks: The power over all of San Andreas.


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