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Hello everybody.

Like everybody else I am waiting with baited breath for the arrival of Radio Gaga. Yet in the meantime I had an idea that hopefully some of you will join in with….

See I was sat in work today and as one of the higher ups in Fleeca bank it means I get my own office. This can have its perks but it can also get rather boring so sometimes I just pop my Ipod in and listen to some tunes. And by jove do I have some awesome taste in music!

Well I think so anyway….

So here is what I am going to do. I am looking at the ten most played songs on my player within the last month and thought I would share them all with you. You never know you may pick up some new music along the way, hopefully if others partake then I will get the same out of it!

Oh and I actually do not have an Ipod. I hate Apple products but my MP3 player is plenty funky enough so there….

10. Cat Stevens – Trouble

What a man he is…well was…kinda. I have loved Cat from an early age mainly since I saw Harold and Maude as a child and he did most of the soundtrack for it. I think he never gets the credit he deserves for being such a great performer but thats probably politically fueled more than anything…

9. Air – Dirty Trip

Air’s music just exudes moodiness to me and Dirty Trip is just awesome. I love just popping in the like of Moon Safari every once in a while and just drifting away.

8. Belle & Sebastian – Lazy Line Painter Jane

My all time favourite band. People call them twee, those people are stupid. Their lyrics can be really sinister and dark at times. Lazy Line Painter Jane is 6 minutes of greatness, helped along by the rather talented Monica Queen. I love when it just goes a bit mad at the end.

7. Kate Miller Heidke – Mama

I first saw KMH as she was supporting Ben Folds on tour. I got lucky as usually I dont listen to support acts but she blew me away. Good looking, funny and a mad operatic voice. Oh she is also rather talented. I nipped down after her act and got her CDs straight away, got them signed too which was nice and missed the start of Ben Folds talking to her. Whoops.

6. The Beatles – Dear Prudence

Well I am scouse so its the law that I have to like The Beatles or something. Well I half like them anyway. Anything they wrote whilst on drugs was great. Like most bands really come to think of it. Dear Prudence is just a stunning song. George was always my favourite.

5. Neutral Milk Hotel – Two Headed Boy

Not even sure what to say about this one. Jeff Magnum is cool. The Aeroplane Over the Sea is a quality album. Go and listen to it or I will beat you up.

4. Them Crooked Vultures – Elephants

I love Josh Homme, like Dave Grohl and Led Zep are Led Zep. So whats not to like about Them Crooked Vultures? Actually I wasnt massively impressed with the album. It was good dont get me wrong but one song stood out. Elephants is just a wonderfully long loud song.

3. The Divine Comedy – A Lady of a Certain Age

I would suggest if anyone was to take a song out of this list then its this one. Just a perfect song. Great lyrics, nice sound and quite sad too. This live accoustic version is rather good too.

2. Puddles Pity Party – Royals

I hate the original I must admit. But this version sung by a seven foot clown with a boomingly great deep voice, well whats not to like? I am actually deathly afraid of clowns too so for me to like this song says something….

1. Cake – I Will Survive

My favourite cover song. Again not a fan of the original but this is such a great take on it. I am a big believer of if you do a cover song make it your own and dont just copy what was already there. I love this song also because its on the soundtrack for my favourite ever film Survive Style 5+. If you aint seen it go and do so NOW. Oh its Japanese though but such a darned sexy film.

There are so many I have missed off here but I am sure they will crop up another day.

So please if anyone else has some lists share them with us! Any comments on my list are also gratefully received!


DJ Molly

ps. I was supposed to post a Top of the Pops image up there but it was hard to find one that didnt involve an operation Yewtree suspect on it.

pps. Play golf.


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