A no frills golf update

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Hello ladies

Pardon me for how ugly this post will be but I am just about to soak in the bath after a hard day at Fleeca Bank.

Ok so we need to push this Golf Tournament more. Here is the field as of now…

1. Boyblue80 & Backofmyneep

2. GAGAgolightly & Binchenchaos

3. Bondarus & muhmuhhuh

4. Bigpack88 & Katies92

5. StardustXO & Randalklahey

6. Cheesymitten & XO_AJ_

7. Kittens666 & Aleoxona

8. SwashbucklerTR & Elmohasguns

9. Scuba & Egimage

10. Kati_Vercetti & Carla Bomba


12. ohmypolska &Cooks03

13. GottaplayGTA & Raxo D

14. IzBiz-E Gangsta & Popeofmars

15. Brownbia & bryanhill2014

16. Latannia &

I have highlighted a few issue. I dont know if Vurculac is Xbox or PS3. This is a PS3 competition. There have been a few questions sent my way about if this will be happening on Xbox. Well I need an Xbox golf representative so if anyone wants to do it just PM me.

I dont think Ambrosio plays with us anymore which is sad but such is life.

And then we have some old school players etc who have limited access to the PS3 etc right now but will hopefully turn up.

I have also paired a few of you together for now, if you wish to change teams do so. Just let me know!

Come on there are quite a few new people around and I know you are reading this. Just PM me with the name of your partner and lets get this thing started!

I am giving this a week. I will be posting this every single day until I annoy you enough to join us.

If I dont get the requisite amount of teams I will adopt a lucky losers section for the best teams out of those who get eliminated. The lowest scoring team will get a second chance in the first round if need be.

Technically we have 3 places up fro grabs but realistically its probably 5. That shouldnt take us long to fill so get signed up!

It will do wonders for your brownie points quota too.


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